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Together we build our community

MISSION STATEMENT:   To unite and empower refugees and immigrants, and improve their quality of life and that of the larger community.  


 ·        Education

·        Housing

·        Health

·        Immigration

·        Business Support

·         Safety and Security

 -Each member ethnic group shall have the right to appoint or elect one member of their ethnicity to serve on the board of directors in BIREC.

 We believe that BIREC is YOU, and always for YOU. We extremely need to activate the issues above together. We also have new programs, new plans for our new 2011 year, your involvement is very valued and beneficial for every one of us.

  Please find the time to COME!!!! All communities and ethnic groups are WELCOME!!                                                                       

 From the many aspects that BIREC has been involved so far are:

 v Orientations and resources each month.

v Help you open your own business.

v Information & orientations about many services and programs that were created basically to help you, and most refugees do not know about. For instance, deaf adult Services and Domestic Violence assistance.

v Interpretation cards that help refugees get translation.

v Help refugees & immigrants understand the law and public safety.

v Celebrate with ethnic groups their cultural celebrations.

v Educate refugees about life in United States

v Discuss the needs and the issues of each community.